Bond over food with family and friends.


Ground Floor of Pico de Loro Country Club

Lagoa Restaurant, the country club’s signature dining outlet serves international buffet during holidays and weekends, and an Asian a la carte menu on weekdays.

Sun Coral Café

Ground Floor of Pico de Loro Country Club

A restaurant exclusive for members and accompanied guests, Sun Coral Café serves Mediterranean cuisine and homegrown Filipino favorites coupled with relaxed family-style service.

B 'N B (Billiards and Bowling)

Ground Floor of Pico de Loro Country Club

B ‘N B is a casual billiards and bowling hall that serves all-day snacks, appetizers, and non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

Pico Restaurant

Ground Floor of Pico Sands Hotel

A scenic dining spot, Pico Restaurant offers Filipino and continental dishes. The Pico Bar, located across, serves a wide range of beverages including signature fruit and mojito blends.

Reef Bar

Pico Beach

Reef Bar is a beachside bar that serves refreshing drinks, a variety of casual meals, and grilled dishes.

Juice Box

Ground Floor of Pico de Loro Beach Club

Taste refreshing in every sip at the Juice Box, serving fresh and healthy fruit and vegetable blends by the beach.